little bird

little bird lying
at the base of the tree
did you have a good life?
did you have many children?
did you soar high above the emerald green canopy
and see a world of captivating beauty?
or did you have to do too much to survive
to notice the symphony of the seasons?
was your life filled with songs at dawn
waking the rest of us to a new day?
did you find shelter in the storms?
did you find your way to a southern home
when winter’s bitter cold
stole the sunshine from the day?
little bird
did you find happiness
in flying every day?


About northwoodsirishpub

Halloooooo! Welcome to the Northwoods Irish Pub & Auto Repair! I am the proprietor Mulligan “Mugs” O’Brew. This is The Pub’s official weblog (blog for short). In it, I hope to relay highly profound and important thoughts and ideas…… Okay, maybe not, but I will try always to be entertaining, so read often…… Please! The Pub is set on Upnorth Lake near the town of Upnorth, USA. The major cities that are within driving distance for major errands are Notasfarupnorthapolis and St. Polite, also known as the Sibling Cities. They are separated by a river, which is a good thing as they often exhibit the proverbial sibling rivalry. The original pub burned down in April 0f 2008. It has been rebuilt with the help of my new partner Lilly "Liters" O'Akvavit. We reopened today, July 15, 2009. It was a long and very difficult rebuild and there is still much left to do. So, I will leave you now, and remember to always... Keep on Peddlin', Mugs
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